Russia, city Stavropol, st. Mira, build 319, office 219.


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Our business

Our main activity:

purchase and sale of agricultural products:
We buy grain of various classes in any quantity in the Stavropol Territory. Implementation on the domestic market. Export abroad.
We work directly with large agroholdings, this allows us to offer the most favorable terms to our partners.


We buy grain on favorable terms wholesale

in large producers in virtually all regions of Russia, in particular

Guarantee of security of the transaction

The main interest of the grain producer is the profitability of the agricultural business.
It is important to choose a company that is able to resell your grain, assuming the associated costs.
In turn, the main interest of the consumer is to get quality grain at a reasonable price.
Often, to get a product that meets this criterion, you can only if you contact a reliable partner.


We sell grain to flour mills, feed mills, livestock complexes, poultry farms and other wholesale buyers. Grain products are an excellent raw material for the cultivation of livestock, pigs, chickens and other animals. Grain that is bought as feed is carefully checked for safety, cleanliness and compliance with Russian standards. In our company you can buy grain of current and past harvest according to the optimal price-quality ratio.


Also, We work with various agricultural, processing and manufacturing enterprises to supply the best grain at the best prices. A high quality grain for the production of cereals, flour, fodder is purchased in any quantities and at a decent price. If you can offer wheat, rye, oats, barley, rape, corn, millet wholesale lots, then we will consider any option for cooperation.